Your next step?

Your next step to take in your life, regarding any small or large personal or professional issue, can now be identified through use of Emovera.

Use of Emovera begins with selecting a personal (or shared public) topic. The topic may represent, for example, an opportunity, a challenge, or a problem. In each of these cases, Emovera results can be counted on to provide new insight and energy for you to step (or spring) forward in the right direction in your life.

This is how Emovera works.

Following an initial 10-15 minute (verbal and nonverbal) computerized response to ‘How does SOMETHING or DOING SOMETHING make you feel?’, you gain immediate access to your Emovera results.

Emovera results begin with your 3 to 8 emotional responses to your topic. These are distinguished by their degree of being conscious (at least somewhat unappreciated), being subconscious (likely unrecognized), and being unconscious (likely unknown). The compelling nature of these differences is explained and confirmed by the ‘free association’ that has been recorded to explain each emotional response.

The second phase of Emovera results offers further personal feedback. Quantitative determination of your overall emotional outlook (from pleasant to unpleasant) and overall emotional energy (from engaged to reflective) are provided to help you decide your next step to take.

The third and final phase of using Emovera results is to sum everything up and decide the next step to take in your life, on the issue at hand. This next step is recorded by you to honor your overall emotional outlook and energy and, moreso, to achieve your deepest subconscious (or unconscious) motivation-aspiration-inspiration, found by Emovera to be in your life on this issue. Your experience in verbalizing, articulating, and recording how to best achieve your subconscious (or unconscious) goal enables you to best step (or spring) forward in the right direction in your life.

You can use Emovera to discover what your brain has in store for your life now.