What Emotion Mining delivers

This evidence-based research tool clarifies subconscious truths to inspire and motivate behavior. There are four deliverables to help determine the best strategy to meet business objectives and goals.


Comprehensive view and explanation of conscious and subconscious emotional responses, prioritized by greatest motivational potential.


Access data anytime to answer your deepest business questions and guide strategic, tactical and creative decision making.


Rich depictions of the mindset and experience of people reveal powerful stories that generate deep insights and understanding.


Reports identify the messages and strategies to best serve the passions and unfulfilled aspirations of the target audience.

How Emotion Mining works

A typical project has 6 stages, and they generally happen in this order.

Design study to generate needed insights and understanding.
Craft 1-3 topic questions in the form of ‘How does SOMETHING or DOING SOMETHING make you feel?’
Invite target audience via email or link.
Collect freeform responses through web. Respondents draw lines, type words and record intensities. 
Obtain automated topline report of findings on each topic.  Emotion metrics distinguish what is being consciously said from what is being, more truly, subconsciously felt and sought. Customer and employee engagement metrics include subconscious Enjoyment, Interest, Commitment and Passion indices.  Mindset metrics include subconscious Outlook, Energy, Inclination and Preoccupation (personal, rational or social).  Word Cloud metrics include conscious and subconscious Keywords.  Implications are drawn and recommendations made.
Interact with knowledgebase to customize and deepen analyses and reports. Drill into rich, image-laden, motivationally-prioritized verbatim to answer your burning question, address your vexing challenge, and discover your next opportunity.

Collecting Data

Data collection happens via our web app (see below).


Understanding your team’s culture

Companies often struggle with understanding the dynamics within their teams. Employee satisfaction surveys only find out what’s on the top-of-mind. Emotion Mining goes deeper, and gets to what is really going on. Our customers pose a selection of questions to their employees on a regular monthly or quarterly basis. Here are some examples:

  • How does working make you feel?
  • How does your job make you feel?
  • How does the company make you feel?
  • How does your role in the company make you feel?
  • How does the leadership in the company make you feel?
  • How does your career outlook in the company make you feel?

Emotion Mining results differentiate team dynamics by job title, tenure, gender and age. For example, companies can distinguish differences between Millennials, Generation X, Generation Y and other employees.
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