Customer Experience

Customers pay extra money for the products and services they love.  What do customers love about your brand?  Why do they prefer it over your competition?  The answers to these questions reside in the subconscious minds of customers.  Emotion Mining clarifies the conscious, and more importantly highlights the subconscious, minds of customers to help you better target buying behaviors.

Employee Engagement

Employees work with a wide range of outlooks, energies, efforts, commitments and loyalties.  How can leadership, management and staff remain aligned?  How can win-win relationships be maintained?  How can communication gaps be closed? Emotion Mining provides your organization with a better way to engage employees and stimulate collaboration, productivity and innovation.


Our Latest Research

To make emotional connections, you need to address the passions and aspirations that move people to act. By focusing on the bulk of motivations that lie beneath the surface of conscious awareness, you can achieve greater connection, differentiation and competitive advantage. This is the new science of customer and employee behavior.


What our customers say

Don’t just rely on what we say about our product.

We’re close to ecstatic with the new ads based on Emotion Mining. They’re more relevant, appealing and persuasive. Tony Adams, VP Market Research, Campbell Soup
Emotion Mining enabled us to understand the styles of our top performers and increase sales productivity by 15% across the board. Doug Lennick, Sales Executive, American Express

About Emotion Mining

Emotion Mining helps organizations understand the powerful, deep-seated thoughts and feelings of their employees and the people they serve.

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Dr. Liam Fahey: +1-781-706-1231
Dr. Tom Snyder: +1-781-820-7674
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